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There’s a quote by John Green in The Fault in Our Stars book “I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” That is how I fell in love with big bang.. slowly but all at once.

I want to share my story on how I became a VIP. It wasn’t instantly but a slow process that introduced me to one of the most awesome KPOP group that I’ll ever know in my entire life

How 5 guys turned my black and white dull life in to a colorful one….


I first song that I encountered and was related to BB is the song Wedding Dress by Taeyang back in 2010. I liked the song but I mostly listened to the English version because I wasn’t a KPOP fan back then. I was a hardcore anime fan back then and I love listening to Japanese songs.

Then after that I didn’t have anything more that I have encountered that was related to BB until 2013. I heard my sister always singing the parts were “I love you baby I’m not a monster”, “I hate this love song” (repeatedly) I sometimes even hum that only part I know hahaha, and lastly “WOW, Fantastic Baby….”

Then she started posting BB wallpapers on our bedroom, at first I was like “What are you doing? No not KPOP”…. And that was the start.

Since I was always see the poster one member caught my eye and guess who it was….. he was the maknae. Yes, he was soooooooo handsome. He was not too handsome like T.O.P but damn my eyes started sparkling for panda. I downloaded pictures of him on my iPod and that was it….. then I became disinterested again because I was a little busy on my studies.


Then by the end of 2013 I was adding songs on my iPod and I encountered my sister’s music folders on my laptop and yes, it was all big bang songs. I added all songs on my iPod, it wasn’t the complete Discography though.

Then the very first music that I loved related to BB wasn’t a group song but was Daesung’s Baby Don’t Cry. His vocals was amazing!!!!! Omo omo omo. I love the song and listened to mostly Daesung’s singles. And I deleted every BB song and left only Daesung’s single and the very first Big Bang group song I liked… Fantastic Baby. It was so catchy, I love T.O.P’s part. And Deasung’s abs.. plus his oh so beautiful angelic smile


HAHAHAHA and that was also the time I recognized each member of BB and since I’m good in music I already distinguished each other’s voices and I know who’s voice is who’s.


I downloaded BB’s discography from the first album upto individual albums and singles.

Then that was it, didn’t listen to it because I discover a local band in my country. After that over…. No more. I went back to listening to Japanese, English and songs from my country.

Then my sister introduced me to Running Man and I became a fan of LeesSang’s Gary and introduced me to Korean HipHop and it was already 2014 of April. I finished watching all Running Man episode up to the latest episode and my eyes only focused on Gary. And my music focused on LeesSang songs. Then I watch an episode of The Return of Superman when Haru and Tablo wen’t to BB’s waiting room and there he was……… G fucking Dragon. This guy!! Boy, was he so talented. The very first BB member I got completely and utterly obsessed with. Fall in love with his smile.


I watch Running Man episodes again where BB was guests and I loved him from the episode “Steal Princess Ji Hyo’s Heart” where he was with Seungri and DaesungI started following them on social networking sites, watched variety shows they guested/starred in. read articles about them, from good articles to bad. From old articles to new articles. Their music videos to live concerts. From group albums to individual albums. I love every one of them.He was amazing, I added again all BB music on my iPod. Then I love his single album. And slowly I started to know all BB songs. My oh my and there’s GD&TOP. That album gave me chills and left me speechless. T.O.P’s voice and a fine hot looking guy who doesn’t take his shirt off. This guy is an ART i tell you! I didn’t even know such a guy even existed!! HIS DEEP VOICE! WOW!


and I won’t definitely forget how Taeyang’s eye smile kills me. <3


I researched every little thing about them from scandals they had to awards they received. Since I was open minded I didn’t mind about them being in relationships, gay or straight. I don’t mind that GD had a marijuana scandal or Daesung’s car accident (but I still worry about Daesung).

Even if they have or will have scandals I’ll be forever a fan. They are talented and I love their music. Such eargasm and music chills.

I’m currently in love with Taeyang’s Rise right now and Seungri’s VVIP mini album

And that’s my Big Bang love story. :”>


Thanks for reading! *HUGS*

p.s sorry if there are grammar mistakes. credits to gif owners. :*

I HOPE TO HAVE MORE VIP FRIENDS SOON. LETS BE FRIENDS. :”> I currently have none personal VIP friends. And one VIP online friend.



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what’s up cutie?? &lt;3


what’s up cutie?? <3

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Leader leading his three energetic followers… and TOP.

Leader leading his three energetic followers… and TOP.

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